Abiword Portable


Portable version of powerful text processor


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AbiWord is a practical text processor with GNU license (completely free), very complete and quick.

AbiWord supports:

- Basic text format (bold, italics, underlined...)

- Advanced text format (Superscript, Subscript, etc.)

- All kinds of tables, columns and paragraphs with their alignments.

- Spelling corrector.

- It's capable of importing from word 97/2000 and RTF, Palm, Psion, DocBook and XHTML documents.

- Exports to RTF, Palm, Psion, XHTML, Text and LaTeX.

- Unlimited undo/redo

- Images

All of this and a lot more is available now in a free install version especially for storage on portable devices. This way, you can enjoy the program in any place and without the need to install executable files on the PC you use to open the application.
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